School Reopening Timeline 20-21

20-21 School Reopening Timeline

We are North Penn Strong. We are all doing our part to make virtual learning the best it can be. Meanwhile, we plan to return to in-person school. Please note that the timeline below will remain subject to change at any time, depending on conditions in our buildings and in our community.

Week of September 28

  • Further details of hybrid plans and video conferencing equipment are shared with families
  • NPSD staff engages in interactive processes with HR for possible ADA accommodations in preparation of return to school - this may be on-going depending on the time of requests
  • NPSD staff requests for Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) - this may be on-going depending on the needs for FFCRA
  • Recruiting and interviewing additional per diem substitutes - this may be on-going depending on the needs
  • Information shared with special education assistants about expansion of hours
  • Recruiting and hiring of special education assistants occurs for unfilled positions


Week of October 5

  • Registration/confirmation for Extended School Care program enrollees
  • Families select hybrid or virtual option, final selection due 10/12. Families of students with IEPs who believe their children require additional days in school to make progress may submit a written request via a standard form
  • NPSD releases Return to School Guide
  • Distribution of delivered video conferencing equipment to schools, begin configuration of equipment on-site; focus on K-2
  • Communication is sent regarding expansion of in-school support to full days for students with significant disabilities participating in the Gwyn-Nor and North Penn High School satellite programs (effective 10/19 in home buildings during normal school hours)
  • Scheduling and staffing occurs for students with significant disabilities participating in Gwy-Nor/North Penn High School satellite programs returning to home buildings on 10/19
  • Transportation and food services arranged for students with significant disabilities returning to home buildings for full day assistant support on 10/19
  • Families of students with significant disabilities receiving in-home support elect whether to return to school on 10/26 for live instruction and related services or continue with in-home support
  • Communication of available virtual supports for all students with disabilities occurs


Week of October 12

  • Special education assistants with reduced hours return to 7.5 hours per day on 10/16
  • Hours and pay for assistants conducting in-home support remain unchanged
  • Schedules and protocols are reviewed with special education assistants on 10/16 in anticipation of return to home buildings on 10/19
  • Scheduling and staffing continues for students in Gwyn-Nor/North Penn High School programs returning to home buildings for assistant support effective 10/19.
  • Where needed, teachers are reassigned
  • Routing of busses
  • Continue configuration of video conferencing equipment on-site
  • Hiring of additional staff as needed


Week of October 19

  • Assignment of students to Hybrid Groups
  • Students receive hybrid assignments (A/B)
  • Teachers/staff return to buildings
  • Students with significant disabilities receiving special education services through Gwyn-Nor/North Penn High School satellite programs return to their home buildings and receive full-day assistant support during the normal school hours for their buildings


Week of October 26

  • K-2 (hybrid format), Extended School Care for K-2
  • Students with significant disabilities receiving in-home special education services electing to receive live instruction return to home buildings
  • Special education teachers of self-contained classrooms begin instructing students live and in person.
  • Related service providers of Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment (PASA)-eligible students deliver services live and in person
  • PASA-eligible students who are included in general ed continue to access classes virtually with assistant support, but from their home buildings
  • Extended School Care spots confirmed grades 3-6


Week of November 2

  • Remaining stands for video conferencing equipment arrives installed in schools (dependent on delivery of equipment by 10/26)
  • Grades 7, 10 and new students attend on either 11/4 (Hybrid A) or 11/5 (Hybrid B) as a transition day


Week of November 9

  • 11/9 Students return to school in A/B hybrid models and Extended School Care Program resumes
  • Continue placing stands for videoconferencing equipment


Important to Remember

  • We are working with the Montgomery County Department of Public Health to help guide our reopening plans.
  • When we return to school, students will be feet 6 feet a part in classrooms. Teachers and students will be required to wear masks.
  • Six feet of separation will be impossible to maintain on busses. Students will be required to wear masks on busses.
  • At all times staff will emphasize hand-washing multiple times each day, hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout buildings as well as signage reinforcing hygiene practices.
  • Even with all of our preparation and plans we cannot eliminate the risk for exposure to COVID-19, we can only lessen it.
  • Parents will be required to check their children for COVID-19 symptoms each morning and will not send students to school with any symptoms.