Free Learning Resources & Tips

Technology Opportunities

In accordance with research-based best practices for technology use, please refer to the following general tips and guidelines for digital learning for your child. Visit NPSD's Digital Learning Website for more information.

Tech support should be requested through Live chat will also be available through Google Hangouts between 8-4pm. Please note, all hangouts have been set up so that there is audio only, no video.

If your child is able to access a device at home, below are free online resources that will engage your child in a variety of educational activities.

Khan Academy

This site offers free mathematical reinforcement by grade level. The students may navigate the site for additional practice on previously learned skills and concepts. Families can create free accounts for their children.


Scholastic Learning Activities for all grades (Pre-K through 6+)

Visit Scholastic Website
This site offers special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin!

Special Content Areas

Optional Art, Music, PE and Library Activities - Live updated frequently

Other Resources

Additional Suggested Activities for Elementary Students


  • Reading, or being read to, is an excellent way for children to extend language skills, increase vocabulary acquisition, and gain background knowledge.

  • Journaling is a fun way for students to share their knowledge, ideas, and opinions. Journaling can be in the form of drawings, labels, sentences, and paragraphs and easy to adapt for any student K-6.

  • Practice Math facts with your students. Single-Digit Addition facts within 20 and Single-Digit Multiplication facts within 100 are most helpful when students work in any area of Math.

  • Go on a Math Scavenger Hunt. Take pictures of Math you see around you. Discuss where the Math may be in each picture.

  • Play games. Many board games and card games have a Math element to them. Whether you have to add points or make strategic moves, your brain grows with every game.

  • Cook with your kids. Having your children help you in the kitchen not only offers the benefit of an extra pair of hands but also involves math. From measuring and sequencing to estimation and ‚Äčmultiplication, the kitchen is a real-life school for kids of all ages.


Additional Suggested Activities for Secondary Students


  • Secondary students are encouraged to continue mastering the content in their courses. Now is a great time to go back and review content that was learned over the course of the year.

  • Students should take time each day to read, whether it is a previously assigned text or a text of interest. There are many ways to access books online and through the North Penn Desktop.

  • Students should continue working on long range assignments. While due dates will need to be adjusted, these assignments are still active! If assignments are “group projects,” we encourage students to adhere to the Governor’s recommendations on “social distancing.” Students are encouraged to leverage the technology and Google tools to collaborate digitally. Nothing is due during this mandatory shutdown!

  • Students are encouraged to reach out to their teachers, via Google Classroom or email if they have questions regarding relevant resources and activities. Many of them will be in touch with students over the next two weeks in order to maintain academic progress!

  • None of the recommended work from these two weeks will be graded, but it is important for students to be academically engaged. There are countless online learning opportunities to explore, make use of your time and enhance your understanding and explore interests!