COVID-19 7-12 Grading Changes

NPSD COVID-19 School Closure Secondary Grading Changes

4/15/2020, Secondary (7-12) Grading Update

Dear North Penn Community,

Two weeks ago, I shared an outline of a new grading structure and emphasized that we would monitor the success and limitations over the first two weeks of distance learning. This structure was designed collaboratively in hopes of providing an equitable opportunity to all students. We took the challenging circumstances into consideration and also included pathways to success for instances where earning credit was in jeopardy prior to the shutdown. The system was designed to recognize student engagement and to encourage all students to participate in the online environment.

Over the last week, we collected feedback from our teachers, students, and families. The secondary schools called over 140 households and spoke to parents and students. They spoke about their experiences and discussed what was working, what needs some revision, and how we can continue to make the best of our challenging circumstances. We also sent a survey to over 1,000 secondary students to obtain electronic feedback. Additionally, Dr. Dietrich and I reached out to each family who contacted us with questions or concerns. In summary, we heard that things are going quite well, but some adjustments may be appropriate.

The most consistent thing that we heard, loud and clear, is that consistency and clear expectations are necessary for all of us to be successful. We heard that the grading structure and expectations continue to improve and changing the expectations again would pose a whole new set of challenges. The primary concern that we have heard pertains to students whose grades were close to a given threshold and now, given that the fourth marking period is worth ten percent, may not have the ability to reach that threshold. Another challenge applies to those students who, for whatever reason, did not perform up to their own expectations in one of the first two marking periods. The new weighting of the first two marking periods does limit the ability of a student to drastically improve their overall average in the latter part of the year. As a result, we are going to maintain the grading structure, as outlined on March 26, 2020, and we acknowledge that some students may need special considerations at the conclusion of the academic year.

Please know that we have shared the feedback that you communicated and we are committed to working with you through these challenges. Students who are seeking special considerations for their overall grade at the end of the year are encouraged to do all that they can to obtain the maximum number of points in the fourth marking period. They are also encouraged to communicate with their teachers on a regular basis throughout the marking period.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to provide the best education for all North Penn students while keeping the health and safety of our North Penn family at the heart of all decisions. Please reach out to me or your building principal with questions. If your question pertains to a specific class, please contact the teacher, directly.

Please continue to be safe.


Todd M. Bauer, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent

3/25/2020, Secondary Distance Learning Grading Changes

Given the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and our new learning environment, the North Penn School District has adjusted the grading procedures for courses at the secondary level. In the video below, Dr. Todd Bauer, Assistant Superintendent, explains the rationale and process that brought NPSD to these changes and outlines the structures that will be in place for distance learning. 

If you have specific questions on the grading policy update, please contact your teacher, school counselor or building principal.

Download PDF of the NPSD COVID-19 School Closure Secondary Grading Changes presentation